Parents Conduct on Game Day


We all have a role to play as a field player, coach, and a parent. As a player, we want

the best learning experience possible while having fun. As a coach, we are trying to

teach the beautiful game of soccer in a safe, competitive and fun environment. As a

parent, we want our children to be happy and as successful as they can be. Your child’s

best interest is the focal point of this notice.

One of the best ways that a child learns is through coaching and competition. There will

be mistakes along the way, but mistakes are just signposts to let us know where a player

is on the learning curve. Let the players make mistakes without parents stressing them

out. We all want our children to come out of their playing experience feeling good and

having a healthy attitude towards sports.


On game day, please be supportive to both teams. Applaud good play and

sportsmanship to each team quietly. Please do not scream instructions to your children.

On occasion, parents can be heard on the sidelines screaming instructions—basically

embarrassing themselves as well as the players on the field. Game day is when the

coach should reinforce previously learned practice techniques and keep the players

motivated. This becomes difficult to accomplish when the coach is competing with

parents to be heard. Your child will become confused and his/her ability and confidence

to make game day decisions will suffer.

If you feel the need to express your opinion or have something positive to share with the

team, ask the coach if you can help out in practice. Contributing your time at practice is

a great way to provide positive and reassuring instruction to all players. You will

benefit from the experience.

Enjoy yourself at your child’s game. Be your player’s best fan and watch them learn.

Braintree Youth Soccer