Handling Injuries


Hopefully we will not have to deal with any major injuries, but if one should occur, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Take some time during practice to talk to the children about the correct response to an injury.
  2. If a player gets hurt, he or she should sit down immediately. He/she should not try to get themselves off the field.
  3. The referee will stop the game for an injury. At this point, all players on the field should sit down where they are. This will stop the players from crowding around the injured player.
  4. The coach should immediately attend to the player to assess the injury. If the injury is minor, give the child time to compose himself and help him off the field.
  5. Once the child is on the sidelines, try to get the parents to attend to the child, especially if you are dealing with young children.
  6. A first aid kit is always located in the snack bar. If you need anything from the kit, send someone up to the snack bar to get the necessary items.
  7. If a child has a minor cut, try to get the parents to handle the clean up and bandaging. If the parents are not around and you must help the child, please remember to put on rubber gloves before touching any open wounds.
  8. If the injury appears to be serious and medical attention is needed, do not hesitate to call an ambulance. Please send a parent out to the front of the school to direct the ambulance to the correct field.
  9. Do not move a seriously injured player off the field while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive.
  10. All injuries MUST be reported to the league. Injury reports are available in the publicity box located near the snack bar and are also available online at the BYS website under Coaches Corner (see Fall Coaches / Injury Report Form)