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Nelson Chin

Words cannot express the sorrow we feel at the void left by the passing of Nelson Chin. Nelson was BYS President for eight years, Treasurer for four years prior to that, Vice President, Director, Coach for years before that. Even after he "retired" as BYS President, Nelson was always there to provide counsel and advice to his successors. And he continued to be a strong advocate for the children of Braintree in his position as Parks and Recreation Director for the Town of Braintree. There is no person who gave more of himself to BYS and the entire Braintree community than Nelson Chin, as such it is impossible to describe the impact Nelson had on BYS throughout the years. We send along our blessings to Nelson's wife Sue and their children Adam, Amanda, and Andrew. Thank you for sharing Nelson with our community. We are all better for having known him and his legacy will live on forever in Braintree.

Saturday Nov 7, 2020 - Fall 2020 Week 9!

Monday Oct. 19, 2020 - 8th Grade Night!

Spring Travel Soccer Registration is open for the 2021 season!

There will be NO tryouts (details below)

Players in Grades 3 and up are eligible for the Braintree Travel Soccer Program.

(Information for players in 1st & 2nd grade will be sent at a later date.)

There will be NO late registrations this year.

Registration closes 12/31/20.

If you are registering more than one child in the same family, the family discount is deducted at checkout. You must complete all family registrations in the SAME TRANSACTION to get the family discount.

While the game looks a little different, our Fall rec season is proving successful with the amended rules for COVID. In addition to our town league, several travel and club leagues are playing as well. This is all good news and sets expectations that we will be able to play in the Spring of 2021.

We have amended our registration fees for the upcoming season, lowering them as the result of suspending our winter training for this upcoming winter. While not offering winter training is unfortunate, as we feel winter training is significant for our player development and on field success, we were unable to secure cost effective facility rental. Thayer will not entertain renting us their gym and BHS advised it is highly unlikely we can use their facility either. With only high-priced private options remaining, and unsure whether or not we would face further restrictions to indoor training, we determined it was better to suspend for the upcoming season.

Moreover, with the current restrictions on the number of individuals on a playing surface, as well as restrictions on what we are able to do for drills and scrimmages, we’ve determined that hosting a substantive tryout process would be difficult. To ensure we are able to place players as appropriately as possible, we will be asking Fall coaches to provide player evaluations. We will use those, along with division directors’ independent evaluations, coupled with travel evaluations from last year, when doing team assembly. While not ideal, we face several restrictions that would preclude us from having a substantive tryout process.

We will be closing registration on 12/31/20.

Again, there will be NO LATE REGISTRATIONS allowed. Full refund, less registration processing fees, will be granted until 1/15/21. Moreover, we will need to order uniforms (more details on that to come) in January. Uniforms are the largest expense of the program. Once ordered, we will be limited to refunding only league dues if the season is canceled. Like Fall recreation, if we play a game, we will not be able to issue a refund.

While this upcoming season is likely to be different, and will follow the rules set forth by MYSA and the commonwealth, we are excited to give our players the chance to play this Spring. Any questions, please email me at

Sept. 24, 2020 - Mike Doheny

Michael A. Doheny was a Braintree High School Hall of Famer and beloved Braintree Youth Soccer coach. Michael Doheny (“DO DO”), passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, September 24th at the age of 76. Born in County Cork, Ireland, Michael emigrated to the United States at the age of 15 (1959). He graduated from Braintree High School and attended Bentley College before going on to work as a sales representative for over 30 years at Foley Fish in South Boston.

See Mike's obituary from Peck Funeral Home

Mike was a "Founding Father" of Braintree Youth Soccer in 1980 and for 40 years has been inspiring young soccer players in his beloved Braintree. Mike served on the Executive Board of Directors, and also as coach, and referee. He was the unofficial "assistant" coach of the BHS Girls Varsity team forever. He was selected as the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association coach of the year in 2009 and coached (at least two) BYS Girls teams to be crowned State Champions.

Have you ever played on beautiful Doheny Field at East Middle School? Yes, it was named after Mike, in honor of his years nurturing and growing the sport he loved in his adopted home town. We will miss him dearly, there will never be another like him.

Hello Braintree Youth Soccer Families,

I am writing today to provide an update on the Fall 2020 season of Braintree Youth soccer.

On July 24, 2020, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has amended the Safety and Reopening Standards for Business and other Entities Providing Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities – Phase III, Step 1.

Soccer is now classified in the Moderate Risk Sport category, member organizations are permitted to participate in Level 1, 2 and 3 type of play.

Braintree Youth Soccer Fall 2020 Season

Type of Play: The following types of play are defined by level from least to greatest risk.

Level 1: Individual or socially distanced group activities (no-contact workouts, aerobic

conditioning, individual skill work, and drills)

Level 2: Competitive Practices (Intra-team/group games, contact drills and scrimmages)

Level 3: Competitions (Inter-team games, meets, matches, races, etc.)

Level 4: Tournaments (Outdoor only) NOT PERMITTED IN PHASE III, STEP 1

Even though this news is exciting for soccer, we cannot stress enough the importance of the responsibilities we have to our children and all families involved in our sport for their health, safety and wellbeing. This is a privilege we have been given and we must stay true to our word that we will follow the CDC, State DPH, US Soccer and local guidelines in all that we do.

New Safety Protocols/Measures for BYS Fall 2020 season:

Braintree Youth Soccer is governed by Massachusetts Youth Soccer and adheres to all guidelines set forth by US Youth Soccer and Massachusetts Youth Soccer. Massachusetts Youth Soccer has implemented safety standards for all Massachusetts soccer programs regarding COVID 19 (except High School, MIAA). Braintree Youth Soccer is also currently working with Braintree Department of Parks and Recreation as well as the Braintree Board of Health to ensure that we are in compliance with our town requirements for safety measures regarding COVID 19.

  • BYS will assign a COVID 19 Safety Officer to comply with MA Youth Soccer standards

  • All visitors to any soccer complex (East, South, Thayer, etc.) must wear a mask or neck gator

  • All spectators must remain wearing face protection for their entire visit to the complex

  • Players must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES

    • Masks must be of the type that hooks behind the ears

    • Neck gators and masks that hook in the back of the head are NOT allowed

      • This is deemed unsafe equipment by MA Youth Soccer

  • ALL coaches, staff, referees and directors must wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times. This includes during active coaching and instruction.

  • Referees will use electronic whistles to ensure face mask stays on and no saliva is spit in the air

  • Parents will self-certify their child is not ill or injured prior to each game, however, BYS has the authority to not allow a player to participate if they appear very ill or injured

  • For this season only, spectators will be allowed to sit 6’ behind the goal line, on each side of the goal from the goal box outer line to the corner flag

    • This will allow for social distancing and maintaining 6’ between spectators

    • Spectators will still NOT be allowed on the player’s sideline

  • BYS will have hand sanitizer available in various locations throughout each complex

  • BYS will have signage to remind parents, coaches, volunteers and players to wear masks, practice proper hygiene and maintain 6’ of social distancing

  • Contact tracing/attendance must be taken at all Braintree Youth Soccer sanctioned/insured events for ALL players AND coaches.



    • Referees will disinfect these soccer balls and introduce a clean soccer ball for game play

Game Modifications:

  • Coaches

    • Must wear a mask/neck gator at all times

    • Must stay in the coach’s box at all times

    • Must maintain 6’ – 10’ of social distancing from all players at all times

      • Except upon injury to a player

    • Must fill out a roster of all players and coaches in attendance at each game

      • Roster copies will be provided to coaches by BYS

      • Coaches must hand rosters to referees by half time with attendance noted

    • Must carry BYS provided hand sanitizer for proper disinfecting of player hands during gameplay as needed and at completion.

  • Referees

    • Must wear a mask/neck gator at all times

    • Must practice proper hygiene and social distancing at all times

      • Except upon injury to a player

    • Responsible for disinfecting soccer balls after each game

    • Must use an electronic whistle

    • Must return rosters from each game to designated location at each facility

  • Players/Gameplay

    • No throw ins

      • Any ball passing over the touch line will result in an indirect free kick

      • Eliminates field players from touching soccer ball with their hands

    • Modified corner kicks

      • Indirect free kick

      • Corner kick can not enter the penalty box in the air

      • Eliminates crowding in the penalty box/goal box

    • Goal Keepers

      • No shared gloves

      • All players wishing to play goal keeper must bring their own gloves

      • If using bare hands, properly sanitize upon leaving the field for substitutions, half time or full time

    • Scheduling

      • Game durations will remain the same

      • More time will be added to field time slots to allow for warm up/practice prior to each game (except micro soccer, K-1 which will remain the same)

      • Players and spectators must NOT arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time slot

      • Players and spectators must leave the complex promptly following each game and not loiter at the fields

Massachusetts Youth Soccer:

  • Braintree Youth Soccer is governed and insured by Massachusetts Youth Soccer

  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer guidelines and resources can be found at

  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer COVID 19 guidelines and protocols can be found at

    • The webinar at the bottom of this link is a little lengthy, but extremely informative and may answer any questions you may have regarding soccer and return to play

Braintree Youth Soccer is working with MA Youth Soccer and the Town of Braintree to make sure that all involved in Braintree Youth Soccer activities have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. I look forward to seeing many of you on the pitch this fall and am eager to start the Fall 2020 season of Braintree Youth Soccer.

Thank you.

Mike Norton

Braintree Youth Soccer, President

(Updated 9/8/2020)

Fall Soccer Reminder: No Earrings

Parents - here is your annual reminder to avoid getting your player's ears pierced for the beginning of the school year. No earrings or jewelry of any kind may be worn (exception: jewelry expressing a medical condition). No, you may not tape over the earrings; they must be removed in order to play.

Also: Footwear

For safety reasons please wear only soccer shoes, or sneakers.

Per BYS Rule of Play / Section 2.4 Equipment:

  • 2.4.8 ONLY soccer style footwear will be allowed during the games. “Soccer” footwear consists of soft toed footwear with rubber style cleats, indoor type soccer footwear or tennis shoes/sneakers. NO football, baseball, or any footwear that has a cleat in the middle of the front toe box area. NO METAL cleats will be allowed.

Parking at East Middle School

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their help with parking at East Middle School:

  • Please be courteous to our neighbors

  • Gates will be open at Marshall Street and Greenhouse Way – drop off area will be coned off

  • Cones will line Marshall Street and Greenhouse Way at driveways to prevent encroachment

  • Cones will also line the two islands at Greenhouse Way

East Middle School Fields

In case of inclement weather, be sure to check the BYS Web Site

The primary goals of Braintree Youth Soccer are to foster, encourage and educate the youth of Braintree in the sport of soccer. We provide the opportunity for the youth of Braintree to develop and participate in recreational activity in order to instill in all young people the ideals of good sportsmanship, loyalty and courage

Source: BYS Articles of Organization

All coaches, referees, parents, spectators, and most importantly, players are expected to encourage and promote sportsmanship.

The BYS Fall Program is a recreational league for children residing and/or attending school in Braintree. Players must be in Grades K through 8 to play. The goal of the league is to promote Soccer and to allow everyone to enjoy the game. more...

The Spring Travel season begins in April with playoffs held mid June. Player development is key throughout the winter and spring season with training sessions held regularly. more...